How do we work? It’s simple. People in your church provide the resources (auto service and repair, snow removal, transportation, home repair, food, etc.) available within your church to assist people in your community. Sometimes our churches assist neighbors who have no church; sometimes churches will assist members of another church in our network whose church does not have a particular resource available. For example, one church might have an HVAC repairman that works on an elderly widow’s furnace from your church. On the other hand, your church may have a youth group available to shovel the sidewalk of a man in a wheelchair from the other church. Above all, we seek to empower the local church to lift up those in need, whether they are members of your church, another church or no church at all. The Church of St. Joseph County possesses a wealth of resources and pooling them together we can do great things.

Our Purpose

Help with Love exists to equip the local church in her shared mission to empower members and neighbors in need.

Our Plan

When someone approaches a church or other organization with a need, they are given the number to our helpline. After completing an intake with the caller, our volunteers help them find resources provided by local churches, agencies and other community organizations. If the caller’s need is one we believe could be met well by one of our churches, a home visit is then completed by our Operations Manager and someone from a church located near the caller to see how that need might be met. Our hope is that the person connects with the local church member and they are able to form a relationship with that church to give them a community of support in the future.

Partnering Churches

Our network is made of Christian churches of all kinds.  We are theologically, racially, and economically diverse, but we work together to love our neighbors well.  Volunteers from churches who connect with helpline callers are just ‘nice people’ willing to provide a level of friendship and personal care that is often the “missing link” needed for long term change.

Direct Assistance

Often churches ask for our help in verifying requests made to them by people within and outside of their congregations.  We verify these needs, refer the person to various community resources and then make a recommendation to the church as to how to best support the person asking for help.  Recommended resources may come from agencies, churches, and other organizations within our community.  We believe in doing this churches are able to more effectively serve neighbors in need and make the best possible use of their limited resources.